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Hi, I’m Nils.

After 20 years in the marketing field, working at media agencies, creative agencies, digital agencies and heading up marketing departments, I hope to be able to bring something to the table in discussions regarding marketing strategy, digitalization, organizational structures in marketing, measurement of success in marketing.

I’ve worked with performance marketing before the term “performance marketing” was invented, at a Direct Marketing Consultancy.

I was a digital marketing consultant in the years when social media and mobile internet came into play.

I spent 8 years at a digital/creative agency, trying to figure out how to balance the creative and the digital. Also, how to set up an organization that delivered value, had happy employees, and could deliver on both conceptual creativity and marketing automation.

I have worked at a marketing department, balancing consistency vs agile work methodology, local vs central. Also trying to figure out the best way to link creative to media to UX to product.

What I have found more than anything: It’s complicated. And there are usually a lot more considerations than first meets the eye. But looking at the bigger picture, being customer oriented, and having open dialogue is usually a good starting point.

Some info on my thinking kan be found on my blog.